Structured Products and Other

Reflecting the hybrid nature of structured products, ISDA often works jointly with securities-focused trade associations on issues that transcend wholesale and retail markets. The forum for this work is the Joint Associations Committee on Retail Structured Products (JAC), chaired by Tim Hailes of JP Morgan. 

Documents related to Islamic Finance derivatives agreements can be found here:

DateTitle / Document / DescriptionDownload
June 13, 2013
The Joint Associations Committee (JAC) response to the IOSCO consultation on retail structured products
ISDA, UKSPA, AFME, BBA, ICMA & IIF joint response to the IOSCO consultation on retail structured products.
February 6, 2013
JAC Response to ESMA consultation on key concepts of AIFMD
Joint Associations Response
February 4, 2013
JAC Response to CP12/35 on the FCA’s use of temporary Product Intervention Rules
Joint Associations Response
November 14, 2012
JAC response to FSA Consultation Paper CP12/19 on restrictions on the retail distribution of UCIS and close substitutes
Joint Associations Response
JAC response to FSA CP 12 19 - Nov 2012.pdf
October 29, 2012
JAC Position Paper: Draft regulation on key information documents for investment products
JAC Position Paper_Draft regulation on key information documents for investment products.pdf
October 18, 2012
JAC Response to EC Consultation Document – UCITS Product Rules, Liquidity Management, Depositary, Money Market Funds, Long-Term Investments
Joint Associations Response
JAC Submission to EC - UCITS VI.pdf
May 21, 2012
Public Comment on Suitability Requirements with respect to the Distribution of Complex - Joint Associations Response
JAC/IIF/IBFed, together ‘the Associations’, comment on the consultation report “Suitability Requirements with respect to the Distribution of Complex Financial Products” prepared by the Technical Committee of IOSCO. Please note that the annexes referred to on pg. 5 of the response are available on the ISDA website (originally submitted on March 11 and May 23, 2011).
March 30, 2012
JAC Response to ESMA Consultation Paper on its guidelines for ETFs and other UCITS issues
Joint Associations Committee response
JAC submission to ESMA on ETFs - March 2012.pdf
January 11, 2012
JAC Response to FSA Consultation: Retail Product Development and Governance – Structured Products Review
Joint Associations Committee response
JAC Response to FSA on Guidance Consultation - Jan 2012.pdf
December 7, 2011
Response of the Joint Associations Committee to the European Commission following
ESMA's technical advice on possible delegated acts concerning the Prospectus Directive
JAC PD submission - Dec 2011.pdf