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Working Groups focusing on legal, protocols, opinions, documentation, legal risk, business conduct and governance.

  • ISDA Africa Group

  • ISDA Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Group

  • ISDA Article 28(2) EU Benchmark Regulation Group

  • ISDA Brazil Group


  • ISDA CRR Article 305(2)(c) Opinions Group

  • ISDA Canadian Members Steering Committee

  • ISDA China Netting Sub-Working Group (Standard Agreement WG)

  • ISDA Credit Derivatives Market Practice Group

  • ISDA Documentation Group

  • ISDA Emissions Trading Group

  • ISDA Energy, Commodities & Developing Products Asia-Pacific

  • ISDA Energy, Commodities & Developing Products Group

  • ISDA FX Documentation Group

  • ISDA Financial Law Reform Group

  • ISDA Islamic Finance Law Group

  • ISDA Japan Credit Derivatives Group

  • ISDA Japan Documentation Group

  • ISDA Japan Weather, Commodities and Developing Products List

  • ISDA Joint FIA and ISDA CDEA Group

  • ISDA Mexico Group

  • ISDA MiFID II Documentation Group

  • ISDA Middle Eastern Group

  • ISDA Non-PC Opinion Contacts Group

  • ISDA SEC Business Conduct Rules Working Group

  • Distribution Lists
  • Working Groups