Market Infrastructure and Technology (MIT)

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Market Infrastructure and Technology provides a governance to enable the assessment and development of strategy for delivering a robust market infrastructure to support the derivatives industry. The Working Groups also provide support to the implementation of market infrastructure and process change initiatives while helping derivative market participants explore opportunities for technology solutions.

  • ISDA Asia-Pacific Equity Derivatives Operations List

  • ISDA Asia-Pacific Interest Rates Derivatives Operations List

  • ISDA Collateral Infrastructure Committee

  • ISDA Confirmations Working Group

  • ISDA Credit Market Infrastructure Group

  • ISDA Custodian Collateral Working Group

  • ISDA Equity Market Infrastructure Group

  • ISDA FX Operations Working Group

  • ISDA GBP/EUR/CHF Benchmark Working Group

  • ISDA Investment Firm Professional Data Working Group

  • ISDA JPY Benchmark Working Group

  • ISDA Japan Collateral Working Group

  • ISDA Japan Operations Group

  • ISDA Operations Mandatory Clearing Distribution List

  • ISDA Portfolio Compression Working Group

  • ISDA Rates Market Infrastructure Group

  • ISDA STP Working Group

  • ISDA USD Benchmark Working Group

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