CLE Information

Who is eligible to earn CLE Credit by viewing an ISDA ON DEMAND Course?

Online course viewing is considered a nontraditional format by the NY CLE board. Only experienced attorneys (attorneys who have been admitted to the NY State Bar for two or more years) may receive NY CLE credit by viewing our online courses.*


What steps do I take in order to receive CLE credit?

During each ISDA ON DEMAND program you watch that offers CLE credit, there will appear CLE Codes at intervals over the course of the program. You must record each code on the Attorney Affirmation Form (“the Form”) when it appears.  We strongly advise you download the Form prior to commencing viewing the course. Codes will be verified by ISDA. You will only receive credit for the sections where the code is provided and is correct. 

Submit the Form to ISDA online (links below) or email the codes to

ISDA must receive the request for CLE credit within 30 days of purchasing the eligible course.

A  NY CLE Certificate of Attendance is then mailed to you. Please keep a copy of your Attorney Affirmation Form and your NY CLE Certificate of Attendance for your records.


If you have any further questions regarding CLE credit for an ISDA ON DEMAND Course please email


Attorney Affirmation Forms:

Understanding the ISDA Master Agreements Conference

Fundamentals of Derivatives Seminar


*Exception exists for newly admitted attorneys who are based outside the U.S. For full information please refer to the NY State CLE Program Rules and Regulations at