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Extending FpML®

An Advanced FpML Training Course


Wednesday, October 11, 2017
ISDA Conference Center
New York


Description: This is a hands-on training course focused on extending FpML. Participants will learn the necessary concepts on how to extend FpML and they will apply them by doing practical exercises creating extensions and examples. The course can be taken after the introductory FpML Training Course, or as an individual course for people with prior FpML experience.

Prerequisites: Attendees should have some exposure to computer systems analysis, software design, interface design or data modelling. They should have some basic knowledge of XML. Knowledge of XML Schema will be helpful, but is not mandatory. Familiarity with privately negotiated derivatives would be helpful but is not required.

Requirements for Course: To participate in the class, you will need to bring a laptop equipped with: Microsoft Windows, the latest version of java, Microsoft office suite (Word, PowerPoint), USB ports, and a mouse. You will need to have administrative rights on the computer so that additional programs can be installed on site, including:



Course Instructors:
Lyteck Lynhiavu,
Senior Technical Analyst, ISDA
Irina Yermakova, Senior Technical Analyst, ISDA




8:15 AM


Registration and Continental Breakfast




8:40 AM


Welcoming Remarks and Course Overview




8:50 AM


Guidelines on Extending FpML and Examples



Recommended approach on how to customize FpML and example extensions.




9:30 AM


Overview of Tools



An overview of the different tools that will be used during the day will be provided. Participants will learn how to validate schemas and instance documents.




10:00 AM


Morning Break




10:20 AM


Hands-on Review of XML Schema Constructs



Review XML Schema concepts used in FpML and discuss how these are implemented. Participants will implement and validate some of these constructs.




12:00 PM


Overview of FpML Schema



Learn where and how to find schema components.




12:20 PM





An introduction to the validation rules and methods.




12:15 PM






1:20 PM


Practical Case Study: Extending Product Coverage - Structured Product



Provide a detailed outline of how to expand the product coverage of FpML to cover a real example of a structured product. Learn how to extend existing products, create new ones, reuse existing components, and insert the extensions in the right place. Then, develop and validate examples.




2:40 PM


Practical Case Study: Extending Product Coverage - Securities



Overview of how to expand the product coverage of FpML to cover securities. Learn how to reuse existing extensions available in the industry to cover various security products. Then, develop and validate examples.




3:20 PM


Afternoon Break




3:40 PM


Practical Case Study: Extending Messaging



An outline of how to expand the messaging coverage of FpML will be provided. Learn how to extend existing messages, create new messages to support new business processes, and reuse existing components. Then, develop and validate examples.




4:00 PM 


Regulatory Reporting in Practice



Practitioners discuss practical industry experience on current regulatory reporting implementation.




5:00 PM


Conference Concludes


Agenda is subject to change

$ 850 U.S. (member) / $ 975 U.S. (non-member)
*The invoice total must be paid in full - registration fees are net of tax and wire transfer fees are not included.

We suggest registering at least two weeks in advance to ensure your seat.

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ISDA Conference Center, 10 East 53rd Street (entrance on 52nd and 53rd Street), 8th Floor, New York, NY 10022, Phone: +1 (212) 901-6000. Please find a map to the venue here.




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