Legal & Documentation

Recent documentation, amicus briefs, opinions, and the Determinations Committees

  •   Opinions

    Legal opinions on the enforceability of the netting and collateral provisions of ISDA documentation

  •   Determinations Committees

    Information on the structure, role and work of the Determinations Committees in each major region

  •   Standard Terms

    This section contains standard terms relating to regulatory requirements, including those of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

  •   Disclosures

    This section contains standard form disclosures relating primarily to the requirements of Commodity Futures Trading Commission External Business Conduct rules.

  •   Amicus Briefs

    “Friend of the Court” briefs that raise important policy issues in the OTC derivatives markets.

  •   Eurozone Contingency Planning

    Contingent information for the potential Eurozone exit of a member state. The existence of this page does not imply an opinion on the part of ISDA as to the likelihood of any such event.

  •   Russia and Ukraine-related sanctions

    ISDA members have expressed interest in the potential impact of the recent introduction and/or extension of applicable sanctions or restrictions by the US and the EU in relation to individuals and ent...

  •   UK Brexit

    Brexit web page