Legal & Documentation

Recent documentation, amicus briefs, opinions, and the Determinations Committees

  •   Opinions

    Legal opinions on the enforceability of the netting and collateral provisions of ISDA documentation

  •   Determinations Committees

    Information on the structure, role and work of the Determinations Committees in each major region

  •   Standard Terms

    This section contains standard terms relating to regulatory requirements, including those of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

  •   Disclosures

    This section contains standard form disclosures relating to the requirements of (i) the CFTC External Business Conduct Rules, (ii) EMIR and (iii) SFTR.

  •   Amicus Briefs

    “Friend of the Court” briefs that raise important policy issues in the OTC derivatives markets.

  •   Eurozone Contingency Planning

    Contingent information for the potential Eurozone exit of a member state. The existence of this page does not imply an opinion on the part of ISDA as to the likelihood of any such event.

  •   Russia and Ukraine-related sanctions

    ISDA members have expressed interest in the potential impact of the recent introduction and/or extension of applicable sanctions or restrictions by the US and the EU in relation to individuals and ent...

  •   Brexit

    This page is intended as an information resource to assist market participants in their contingency planning for the potential exit of the UK from the EU following the referendum scheduled for June 23...