The General Disclosure Statement and each of the Annexes (together, the “ISDA DF Disclosure”) contain standard form disclosures intended to relate primarily to the requirements of Rules 23.431, 23.450(g) and 23.605(e) of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  Persons that intend to use the ISDA DF Disclosure in connection with such or other regulatory requirements should consult legal counsel and risk personnel regarding the appropriateness of the ISDA DF Disclosure for them, their counterparties and their transactions.  Each user should consider how any additional disclosure that it may choose to make will relate to the ISDA DF Disclosure.  ISDA assumes no responsibility for any use of the ISDA DF Disclosure and undertakes no duty to update the ISDA DF Disclosure to reflect future regulatory or market developments.

DateTitle / DescriptionDocuments
September 3, 2014
Updated Credit Derivatives Disclosure Annex
Modified Document 2014 ISDA DF Disclosure Annex.pdf
April 26, 2013
Updated General Disclosure Statement
April 26, 2013
Updated Commodities Derivatives Disclosure Annex
April 26, 2013
Updated Credit Derivatives Disclosure Annex
April 26, 2013
ABS Swaps Disclosure Annex
April 26, 2013
Updated Equity Derivatives Disclosure Annex
April 26, 2013
Updated FX Disclosure Annex
April 26, 2013
Updated Interest Rate Derivatives Disclosure Annex
January 18, 2013
Credit Derivatives Disclosure Annex, including expanded PAUG section
702333176v11_AMECURRENT_Credit Derivatives Disclosure Annex.pdf
November 16, 2012
General Disclosure Statement
General Disclosure Statement %28702501903_12%29.pdf