Closed Protocols

The protocols listed below are closed for adherence and are for your reference purpose only.

ISDA acts, for certain purposes, as an agent for participating parties and posts the Protocol on its website.

NEW Adherence Process:  In August 2012, ISDA moved over to a new more streamlined process for adhering parties to sign up to protocols.

Traditional Adherence Process:  Open protocols that pre-date the newly developed ISDA Adherence Process will run on the old site using the traditional adherence process.



  • ISDA 2014 Resolution Stay Protocol

    Open from November 12, 2014 to November 2, 2015

    The ISDA 2014 Resolution Stay Protocol enables parties to amend the terms of their Protocol Covered Agreement to contractually recognize the cross-border application of special resolution regimes applicable to certain financial companies and support the resolution of certain financial companies under the United States Bankruptcy Code. The Protocol has been replaced with the ISDA 2015 Universal Resolution Stay Protocol. This ISDA 2014 Resolution Stay Protocol is now closed.

  • ISDA 2014 Credit Derivatives Definitions Protocol

    Open from August 21, 2014 to September 17, 2014

    The 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions Protocol amends certain credit derivative transactions to incorporate the 2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions in place of the 2003 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions.

  • ISDA 2013 ICE Brent Protocol

    Open from November 8, 2013 to December 5, 2013

    The ISDA 2013 ICE Brent Protocol offers market participants an efficient way to amend the terms of certain derivatives transactions to address the impact of the decision by ICE Futures Europe (“ICE”) to (i) change expiry dates for ICE Brent futures and options contracts to a month-ahead expiry calendar with respect to March 2016 and later contract months and (ii) require a cash adjustment as a result of such change (the “ICE Brent Transition”).