Public Policy

Responses and comment letters to regulatory and legislative proposals from around the world

  •   United States

    United States Analyses of and comments on regulatory and legislative initiatives, including The Dodd-Frank Act

  •   Europe

    Responses to developments and proposals in the EC, The European Parliament and EU countries

  •   Asia-Pacific

    ISDA’s activities and views with regards to regulatory and legislative issues across the region

  •   Japan

    The Association’s work and comment letters on the range of OTC derivatives public policy issues

  •   Global

    ISDA comment letters, responses and research on global developments and proposals

  •   Supporting G20 Objectives

    ISDA's Industry Governance Committee (IIGC), its work with The Fed and other supervisors.

  •   Financial Law Reform

    Substantive legal matters that affect cross-border derivatives

  •   OTC Derivatives Compliance Calendar

    Global calendar of compliance deadlines and regulatory dates for the OTC derivatives space.