Financial Law Reform

Financial Law Reform covers a range of legal and legislative developments at global, regional and national level that affect trading in OTC derivatives. It is the ISDA forum that discusses and drafts ISDA submissions on matters ranging from laws on insolvency (netting, set-off, recovery and resolution) and property (collateral) to more general securities law matters as well as a wide range of private international law matters to various national, regional (eg EU) and global (eg UNIDROIT, UNCITRAL, Hague Conference on Private International Law) entities.

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DateTitle / DescriptionDocuments
April 20, 2012
European Commission - DG MARKT
ISDA response to European Commission discussion paper on the debt write-down tool/bail-in.
March 2, 2012
ISDA response to Swiss Consultation on Draft Banking Insolvency Regulation (in German)
Response to FINMA (Switzerland)
November 10, 2011
The use of arbitration under an ISDA Master Agreement: feedback and policy options
FLRC follow-up memo for ISDA Members
September 1, 2011
ISDA response to FSB consultation on the effective resolution of systemically important financial institutions
Comment letter
July 1, 2011
ISDA responds to European Commission consultation on the proposed Optional Instrument to develop a single EU contract law
letter to EC
March 3, 2011
ISDA responds to EU consultation on bank recovery and resolution
Comment Letter to EC Directorate-General Internal Market and Services
February 11, 2011
ISDA responds to UK MoJ consultation on the opt-in to the revised EU Brussels 1 Regulation
January 31, 2011
ISDA responds to Commission Green Paper on European Contract Law
January 21, 2011
ISDA response to consultation on EU Securities Law Directive
January 19, 2011
Memorandum on arbitration in derivatives