The OTC Derivatives Industry is changing at an ever increasing pace, as is the regulatory response to events which occur in the markets. ISDA’s Research Team covers key topics in derivatives, public policy and financial regulation and is aimed at informing debate, encouraging discussion and illuminating public policy options as these markets evolve. Since its inception, ISDA has led the debate on derivatives matters and continues the tradition of thought leadership.

  •   Surveys

    Assessment and analysis of usage and best practices In key areas of the OTC derivatives markets

  •   Studies

    Analysis and review of key OTC issues, ranging from transparency to liquidity to market structure

  •   Research Notes

    Review and analysis of timely and topical market issues and trends that is published periodically

  •   Discussion Papers

    ISDA Discussion Papers are a new series of publications covering key topics in derivatives, public policy and financial regulation.

  •   OTC Derivatives Data Sources

    Data on the OTC derivatives market, including its size, clearing volumes and portfolio compression.