Risk Management

ISDA’s Risk Management Team works with members, regulators and policy makers to develop rules which ensure that appropriate, prudent and risk sensitive capital charges are applied uniformly to the various financial risks faced by the industry. The group continually seeks to define best practice in each area and assist all stakeholders in achieving this.

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DateTitle / DescriptionDocuments
April 29, 2009
Joint Association (ISDA, LIBA, EBF and ESF) Response to the EU Commission Services Working Document on proposed changes to the Capital Requirements Directive. Submitted to Director Elemér Tertak, European Commission
March 13, 2009
Joint Association (ISDA, IIF, LIBA and IBFed) Response to “Revisions to the Basel II market risk framework" (BCBS 148) and "Guidelines for Computing Capital for Incremental Risk in the Trading Book" (BCBS 149). Submitted to Basel Committee.
March 5, 2009
Joint Association (ISDA, LIBA and BBA) Response to the UK FSA's CP 08 22 on "Strengthening Liquidity Standards"
October 24, 2008
Joint Association Response to the Basel Consultation Papers on “Proposed Revisions to the Basel II Market Risk Framework” and “Guidelines for Computing Capital for Incremental Risk in the Trading Book”
July 30, 2008
Joint Trade Associations (BBA, ISDA and LIBA) Response to Basel's Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management and Supervision.
July 30, 2008
Joint Trade Associations (BBA, ISDA and LIBA) Response to CEBS's Technical Advice on Liquidity Risk Management (CP19)
July 16, 2008
Joint Trade Association letter (BBA, LIBA, ISDA, CMSA-Europe, IACPM, EBF, SIFMA and the ESF) with regard to the European Commission Service’s alternative proposal to amend the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) to address incentives in the “originate-to-distribute” (OTD) model. Submitted to Commissioner McCreevy (European Commission), cc-ing Member States, EU Commissioners, and Commission Services
February 15, 2008
Joint Association Response to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s Consultative Document entitled “Guidelines for Computing Capital for Incremental Default Risk- in the Trading Book”
June 19, 2007
Joint Association Response to CEBS consultation paper, CP01 rev outlining proposals to revise and develop its consultation processes and procedures
March 26, 2007
Joint industry comment on the US Basel II NPR, sent to the Federal Reserve, OCC, FDIC and OTS