Membership Application

Membership in ISDA is in the firm's, and not the individual's, name. Each Member designates a primary contact from within the institution who serves as that firm's main liaison with the Association. Members, however, may also list other regional contacts, as well as individuals in specialized areas for inclusion on ISDA's committees and mailing lists.

Unless waived by the Board of Directors, any applicant seeking election to any class of membership in the Association shall make a written application. To join, please complete and submit the relevant application. For questions on member dues and the application process, please contact Liz Zazzera at or +1 212-901-6004.

Upon receipt of such application, the Board of Directors or such committee, as the case may be, shall examine it and determine whether the applicant is eligible for membership and the appropriate class of membership. Members of the Association shall be elected by the Board of Directors.

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