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April 17, 2014
Robert Pickel to step down as CEO of ISDA
Press Release
Bob Pickel FINAL.pdf
April 15, 2014
ISDA Credit Derivatives Determinations Committee: Momentive Performance Materials Inc. Bankruptcy Credit Event
Press Release
Momentive Performance Credit Event.pdf
April 10, 2014
ISDA 2014 Margin Survey Results: 90% of Non-Cleared Derivatives Trades Now Collateralized
Press Release/Survey
FINAL Margin Survey Press Release.pdf 2014 ISDA Margin Survey_V8.pdf
April 10, 2014
ISDA Elects 12 Board Members
Press Release
FINAL Board Election Press Release.pdf
April 9, 2014
ISDA Credit Derivatives Determinations Committee: JSC Alliance Bank Failure to Pay Credit Event
Press Release
JSC Alliance Bank Credit Event 9.4.14.pdf
April 9, 2014
ISDA Publishes Research Papers on the Value of OTC Derivatives
Press Release/Studies
FINAL Research Paper Release.pdf FINAL - Betty Simkins Paper .pdf FINAL - Size and Uses of the Non-Cleared Derivatves Market.pdf
April 9, 2014
ISDA Publishes Research Note Analyzing Impact of MAT Regulation on Market Fragmentation
Press Release/Research Note
FINAL MAT Research Note Release.pdf MAT Study 20140404_FINAL W ALL EDITS.pdf
April 8, 2014
ISDA AGM to Highlight Economic Value of OTC Derivatives
Press Release/Survey Slides
FINAL Curtain Raiser - End User Survey Press Release.pdf FINAL End-User Survey Slides.pdf
March 31, 2014
ISDA Announces Annual Determinations Committees Outcome
Press release
2014 DC Outcome Press Release_Final MAR31.pdf
February 24, 2014
ISDA Begins Tender Process for ISDAFIX Benchmark Administrator
Press Release
ISDAFIX Tender Press Release Final.pdf