Operations Benchmarking and Margin Surveys 2013

Two important annual ISDA surveys, the 2013 Operations Benchmarking Survey (OBS) and the Margin Survey, have had survey questions published. The surveys will officially launch on January 2, 2013. Actual submission will be via an online survey tool, with access granted to confirmed participants at survey launch. The survey will be open for submissions until January 31, 2013. It is anticipated that the results of the Survey will be published at the ISDA AGM on April 23, 2013.

How to Participate

If you would like to participate in the survey and have not done so in the past, please register your firms interest and advise who will be responsible for your institution’s submission by providing Vanessa Meli (vmeli@isda.org) with contact details. 

If your firm has participated in the past and you would like to know who is responsible for your firms' submission, please contact vmeli@isda.org, who will be able to provide you with this information.

Click here to open the 2013 Margin Survey

Click here to open the 2013 Operations Benchmarking Survey

Operations Benchmarking Survey

The Operations Benchmarking Survey, which has run since 2000, identifies and tracks operational trends in the over-the-counter derivatives industry. The objective is to provide firms with a benchmark against which to measure the promptness and accuracy of their processing of trades, confirmation procedures, and settlements.  As regulatory implementation facets further develop, the industry continues to concentrate on four principal themes in regard to market infrastructure: increasing standardization, expanding central clearing, enhancing bilateral risk management and increasing transparency.

The OBS has become a key tool used to illustrate the industry’s progress to date and the continued dedication of ISDA and the industry in building a robust, resilient and efficient operational infrastructure.  With this in mind, we hope that your firm will take the time to complete this year’s survey.  The data has become increasingly important, given the current landscape, to facilitate a variety of discussions and demonstrate the industry’s sustained advancement.

More on the OBS and previous years' results can be found here.

Margin Survey

ISDA’s annual Margin Survey, first published in 2000, provides information about the use of collateral in the OTC derivatives business. The data used in the 2013 Margin Survey will be sampled as of December 30, 2012. Each year the Margin Survey evolves slightly to reflect market developments for that year. The Margin Survey is part of a broader set of ISDA initiatives in the area of collateral, including documentation, best practices and practitioner guidelines.

More on the Margin Survey and previous years' results can be found here.

DateTitle / DescriptionDocuments
December 21, 2012
2013 Margin Survey
Final questions for the 2013 ISDA Margin Survey.
ISDA 2013 Margin Survey FINAL.pdf.pdf
December 21, 2012
2013 Operations Benchmarking Survey (OBS)
Final questions for the ISDA 2013 Operations Benchmarking Survey.
ISDA 2013 OBS Offline Questionnaire FINAL.pdf.pdf