ISDA’s work across the Asia-Pacific region with the core areas of focus:  documentation, public policy, market structure, market practice and research.

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DateTitle / DescriptionDocuments
June 8, 2016
ISDA submission to RBI Discussion Paper on Margin Requirements for non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives.
India Submission - 080616.pdf
June 6, 2016
ISDA submission to Monetary Authority of Singapore on draft data fields under the proposed amendments to the Securities & Futures (Reporting of Derivatives Contracts) Regulations. This submission is not yet public.
May 24, 2016
Joint ISDA-AFMA submission to APRA on consultation on NSFR and foreign liquid assets requirement for foreign ADIs.
Australia Submission - 240516.pdf
May 19, 2016
ISDA submission to APRA on consultation on margining and risk mitigation requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives. This submission is not yet public.
April 29, 2016
Joint ISDA-FIA-ASIFMA response to CFR on Australian financial benchmarks regulatory reform.
FIA ISDA ASIFMA Response - 290416.pdf
April 29, 2016
ISDA letter to RBI on Industry Associations Recommend Global Adoption of Entity-Based Reporting.
Ltr to RBI - 290416.pdf
April 12, 2016
APAC Regulatory Profiles - April 2016
This collection of profiles lists key institutions, regulatory milestones and ISDA submissions for the OTC derivatives markets in the following jurisdictions: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
APAC Regulatory Profiles - Apr 2016_FINAL_04072016.pdf
March 31, 2016
ISDA submission to The Clearing Corporation of India Limited regards to Consultation on Collection of End of the Day Incremental MTM Margin on Cleared Trades in Various Business Segments.
India Submission - 310316.pdf
March 21, 2016
ISDA submission to The Treasury regards to the Client Money Reforms.
Australia Submission - 210316.pdf
March 21, 2016
ISDA submission to ASIC requesting relief from central clearing requirements for Pre-Mandate Swaptions.
Australia ASIC Submission - 210316.pdf