ISDA’s work across the Asia-Pacific region with the core areas of focus:  documentation, public policy, market structure, market practice and research.

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DateTitle / DescriptionDocuments
March 31, 2006
ISDA submission on CFETS/SAFE draft Inter-bank RMB / FX Forward Master Agreement
February 1, 2006
Hong Kong
ISDA submission on proposals concerning bilateral netting agreements in the December 2005 Consultation Papers on New Capital Adequacy Standards in Hong Kong
January 31, 2006
South Korea
ISDA submission on Presidential Decree under Article 120, Paragraph 3 of the Debtor Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy Law
January 25, 2006
ISDA submission on Consultation Paper on Recognition of Bilateral Netting for Capital Adequacy Purposes
Submission 25Jan06.pdf